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22 Essential Travel Gadgets

Rimowa Salsa Ai

Luggage Innovations

The latest innovations in luggage design really do make packing for your trip a breeze. These products are all designed to make your life easier and keep your possessions safer, with special features for getting through airport security in no time, super-tough materials to protect your belongings, and technological solutions to all your travel woes.

Travel Pro Platinum Magna

This 21" suitcase features patented Magnatrac self-aligning 4x2 magnetic wheels for ultimate manoeuvrability. Say goodbye to the days of wrestling stubborn cases through tight doorways - these 180 degree wheels allow you to turn the suitcase on its side to glide through small security gates and narrow entrances. Released on 1st July in the UK, TravelPro's price is £325

Rimowa Salsa Ai

Combining durable synthetics with a contemporary look, the Rimowa Salsa Air boasts a tough polycarbonate casing that will withstand the abuse of even the most careless airport luggage handler. These cases are also super light, easy to carry and available in a multitude of sizes and colours. From £353 from ALBA

Eagle Creek Morpheus

The ultimate in versatility, this wheeled suitcase can transform into two separate bags, giving you lots of flexibility in your packing. The front section zips away to reveal an additional full-size bag with backpack straps. It's not yet available in the UK, but is about to hit the US market with a $395 price tag

Proporta Gadget Bag

Perfect for tech-lovers everywhere, the stylish Proporta Gadget Bag will fulfil all of your gizmo needs. When closed, it has a neat, understated briefcase appearance that belies its hi-tech interior. Inside, you'll find separate compartments for all of your gadgets, including cable tidies and a built-in charger for charging on the go. It's an absolute steal at £24.95 from the Proporta website

Red Alert Luggage Scale

Now that you've packed everything for your trip into your top-of-the-range suitcase, you might want to weigh it before heading to the airport, otherwise you might find yourself liable for a hefty excess fine. The Red Alert Luggage Scale is a digital scale that makes weighing your bags really easy. Forget the days of precariously standing on your bathroom scales clutching your suitcase in your arms whilst doing some hasty arithmetic: Red Alert does it all for you, and it's small enough to take with you on your trip so you can weigh your inevitably heavier bag before the return flight. Just £19.99 from

Traffic Light Alcohol Tester

Car Gadgets

Driving holidays can be a great way to experience fantastic scenery and exhilarating roads (check out our driving holiday guide here - Luxury European Driving Holidays), but long-haul driving comes with its own set of travel worries. These gadgets, all available from, are designed with the driver in mind, and offer safe solutions that will enhance your on-the-road experience.

Tire Pressure Gauge

Perfect for checking your tire pressure before you set off - or even on the road - this professional gauge will save you a trip to the garage. Properly inflated tires are not only safer, they are less likely to cause accidents and blow-outs, improve vehicle handling and cut down on fuel consumption. £15.99.

Swivel Car Seat

Perfect for those struggling with limited mobility or back problems, this soft cushion fits easily onto the car seat and allows for easier access to and exit from the vehicle. It's much comfier than your average car seat, too, making it ideal for long journeys. £14.99.

Traffic Light Alcohol Tester

Driving under the influence of alcohol is extremely dangerous. In most European countries the legal limit is much lower than in the UK, so it is essential that you keep on top of your alcohol consumption whilst travelling. It's always safer to avoid drinking altogether if you know you have to drive, but at least with the fool proof Traffic Light Alcohol Tester you can find out whether you are safe to drive in just 25 seconds. £16.99

iSafe Anti Doze

Long drives equal tired drivers, and thousands of road accidents a year are caused by people falling asleep at the wheel. It is essential to stop at a service station for a rest if you feel you are too tired to drive, and the iSafe Anti Doze Detector will help you decide when it's time to pull over. It fits over your ear and uses motion-sensor technology to detect movements in your head that suggest you are nodding off. The device will then sound an alarm to alert you, preventing potential accidents. Do not rely on this device to keep you awake: always stop for a rest when you are too tired to drive. Just £5.99 for this life-saving piece of tech.

Car Coat Hanger

Folding shirts, suits and dresses into a bag or case usually results in them becoming crumpled and in much need of ironing. This simple low-tech solution allows you to hang clothing safely in the rear of your car without obscuring the driver's view. It easily attaches to the front headrest, creating a portable wardrobe perfect for your Sunday best. £19.99.

Sun Blaster Visor

Driving into direct sunlight can be an uncomfortable and dangerous experience, as bright low sun can easily obstruct your vision and slow your reactions. Sunglasses can help, but if the glare is really bright you'll need a Sun Blaster Visor. This visor clips easily onto your car's existing visor to extend the amount of shade. It is perfectly safe and does not impair vision. £14.99

Auto Car Battery Jump Start

An utterly essential gadget for drivers everywhere, this piece of tech will save you hours of waiting for roadside assistance. Charge the device from the mains before you leave, then if your car's battery dies in the middle of nowhere you have everything you need to get it going again. Simply plug it into your car's cigarette lighter socket to jump start your engine without even needing to get out of the car. £49.99

Pebble Smartstick

Emergency Solutions

Whether it's a vehicle breakdown, illness, or simply a mobile battery running low, all emergencies are harder to deal with when you're away from home. Fortunately, this range of gadgets will help you tackle whatever comes your way.

Bear Grylls Ultimate Multi-Tool

Promoted by TV's most famous survivalist, this Multi-Tool is the Sonic Screwdriver of travel gadgets. It's got an attachment for pretty much everything, meaning you can cut, snip, file and bend your way out of any sticky situation. £49.99 from Red5 Gadget Shop

Pebble Battery / Pebble SmartStick

Running out of juice when you're miles away from a mains plug is every tech-lover's nightmare, but fortunately Pebble have created these two handy gadgets that can bring your smartphone, tablet, MP3 player or camera back from the brink. The original Pebble Battery comes complete with adaptors for most popular devices and has a massive 5000mAH capacity (which is about 400% of an iPhone 3G's battery capacity!). The Pebble Smartstick has a smaller capacity, at 2000mAH, but is truly pocket-sized at under 9cm long. Pebble Battery is £39.95 from Red5; Pebble SmartStick is £18.99 from Firebox

BackTrack GPS

Although smartphones these days are usually equipped with satnav technology, for those who'd rather not use their mobiles as a navigation tool this pocket-sized GPS compass is ideal. Perfect for hiking, this easy-to-use device will ensure you always get back safely. With an in-built self-calibrating digital compass, temperature display, clock and altitude, latitude/longitude co-ordinates, it's certain to get you back on track. £99.99 from

Spare One Emergency Phone

So, you're mobile battery is dead (and you don't have a Pebble SmartStick), or your phone has been lost or stolen, and you need to get in touch with someone fast. You need a Spare One: an emergency phone perfect for if you're stranded, have a breakdown, an accident, or any other emergency on the go. This lightweight phone has an incredible 15 year standby battery life and up to 10 hours talk time on a single AA lithium battery. 999 calls can be made without a SIM card, but for other calls you'll need one so we recommend getting a pay-as-you-go SIM for emergencies. £49.99 from

Underwater Camera Mask

On the Beach

You've packed all your belongings in a state-of-the-art suitcase, enjoyed a luxurious drive to your chosen destination and avoided all potential emergencies: it's time to relax! These gadgets are designed with your holiday in mind and will help you get the most from your trip.

Portable Mosquito Repeller

Mozzies are the bane of any traveller's life, turning a relaxing stroll by the lake into an all-you-can-eat buffet where you're the tastiest thing on the table. There are some great anti-mosquito devices out there, but we like this ultra-portable wristband that wards off the blood-sucking blighters without the use of chemicals or unpleasant odours. The device works by emitting a continuous high-frequency sound that repels mosquitoes but is inaudible to humans. The adjustable strap and 500 hour battery means it can be worn on wrists, ankles or attached to a bag all day and all night. £14.99 from

8MP Digital Underwater Camera Mask

Holiday photographs are a great reminder of your time away, and a portable camera is a must-have gadget for any trip. This cool Underwater Camera Mask is the cream of the crop, allowing you to take stunning pictures under the water, hands free! It also works as a cool diving mask, protecting your eyes from chlorine-filled pools or stingy salt water. £109.95 from

Micro Pocket Fan

Stay cool in the sun with this super-portable pocket fan. It pretty much does what it says on the tin! £7.99 from

Credit Card Razor

Forgot to pack your razor? No need to worry, as long as you carry the Credit Card Razor in your wallet. Super-slim and ultra-portable, this razor folds down to fit in the credit card slot of your wallet. It comes with two extra blades and a built-in mirror for smooth results on the go. £9.99 from

Beach Towel Clip

Tired of your beach towels constantly blowing away? Running out of holiday novels to weigh down the corners? This pack of 4 neat little clips will anchor your towel into the sand, letting you relax and enjoy your day. £9.99 from

Tan Safe

What do you do with your valuables when you're on the beach? It's an age-old dilemma. You certainly don't want to be carrying your phone and wallet with you when you're splashing about in the sea. This clever container is disguised as a bottle of sunblock, but is designed to hold all of your most important belongings, keeping them safe and sand-free while you have fun. £7.99 from