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8 Genius Car Ad April Fools

BMW Force Injection Booster

Grassy interiors? Hairy exteriors? Tea? It must be April Fools' Day again.

There is always tough competition between car companies for best press release on 1st April, and 2014's selection is no exception. Here's a list of this year's highlights, as well as some brilliant Fools' from the past. Enjoy - but remember, tea fuels people, not vehicles.

BMW's Force Injection Booster

This ingenious G-force simulating software "simulates the effects of spirited driving", even at low speeds. When the car is travelling under 20 mph, stored kinetic energy is channelled at the driver through the AC vents, while a mild electric current is passed through the seat. The end result is the "thrilling" feeling of driving at high speeds. Luckily, "face alteration is not permanent".

Skoda's Yeti Ice Special Edition

Already a brilliant little car, Skoda's Special Edition model of the Yeti Ice comes complete with a faux fur covering. Fur, according to inventor Dr Yu Ciddingme, has significant advantages over the traditional paint job. "The fur is so thick and luxurious that during our tests in the arctic circle, our test drivers didn't need to use the heater." And if faux fur wasn't already stylish enough, customers will be able to pick from extras like side partings and extensions.

Mini Cooper T

Mini Cooper T

The world's first tea-powered automotive is available in a range of colour schemes including 'Chamomile Yellow, 'Red Bush' and 'Earl Grey'. Dr Ivana Kuppa, of Cooper T engineering, stated that "the project has been (wait for it) brewing for years". Mini win this year's prize for the most puns in a single sentence.

Vauxhall Astra Copacabana

Footballers and palm trees decorating the doors, a giant Brazilian flag on the roof, actual turf upholstery, sand. Everything you could want from a Brazil Word Cup/Vauxhall Astra tie in. Watch their advert here. Respect.

BMW's M3 Pick-up Truck

BMW's 2011 prank was planned so far in advance, with so much preparation, it feels unfair not to mention it every year. BMW hinted that it had added a pick-up body style to its M3 line of performance cars. How did they hint it? By actually building a pick-up style M3 performance car. The M3 Pick-up could apparently hold up to 20 golf bags and was the only M3 in history with a trailer tow hitch. That's how you commit to a joke.

Vauxhall's Accelerator Pedal Retarding Intervention Lump

A prank of pure glibness, Vauxhall announced in 2006 a previously unmentioned extra to their Astra VXR. The Pedal Retarding Lump was a detachable piece of the floor one would then situate underneath the accelerator pedal. Allegedly in response to criticism that the VXR was too powerful, Vauxhall stated that in extensive testing, the Lump had slowed the 6 second 0-60 time down to a much gentler 14.06 seconds.

Land Rover's Self-Levelling Tax Disc

Land Rover's 2011 tax disc based innovation was supposedly born out of necessity. A new piece of legislation that instructed tax discs to "be displayed within parameters that do not exceed 20 degrees" had been implemented. This was due to increased levels of Repetitive Neck Strain sustained by Traffic Enforcement officers trying to read the tax discs of Land Rovers parked at difficult angles. To solve this problem for their customers, Land Rover developed Contra-Motion technology, as this demonstration shows.


BMW's Political Roundel Attachment Tag

Our last entry in the list is an April Fool's hat trick for BMW. With the election on everyone's minds in 2010, BMW saw the opportunity to introduce their Political Roundel Attachment Tag. PRAT was an opportunity for BMW drivers to display their political allegiance in public, wherever they went, by changing the colour of their BMW logo.