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Brabus 'Van' and Paperless Tax - This Week

Barbs Business Lounge Van

The DVLA has used up all of its paper

The DVLA has declared itself officially out of perforated paper, and will require drivers to remove their tax discs with scissors. That is until the electronic system kicks in on 1st October.

The Post Office, however, who are also suppliers of tax discs, still has plenty of perforated paper, which it will continue to use.

Tax discs were first introduced in the 1920s, but are now redundant with both the DVLA and police using a digital system. According to the Treasury, this is clear evidence of the government moving "into the modern age".

Volvo doesn't want to be cool

Volvo aren't bothered about being "just and young, funky brand". Speaking at the launch of the 2015 Volvo XC90, Alain Visser, head of marketing and sales, said, "All of our rivals are shouting out, screaming for customers, but they all end up sounding and looking the same.

"At Volvo our approach is deliberately different. We are proud of being understated and are confident in being Swedish. That gives us values others don't have, and gives buyers who are fed up with buying from the German brands a chance to show some individuality. They can do what they want to do, but we are happy to stand for something different."

Brabus reveal its amazing new 'van'

Specialist tuning house Brabus have gone to work on the Mercedes Sprinter, and produced possibly the most stylish 'van' ever: the Brabus Business Lounge.

The list of tweaks and additions is astonishing: Four reclining leather seats arranged face-to-face, with lumbar support and massage functions, A/C, heating, two optional extra seats, retractable tables, a fridge, a coffee maker, adjustable reading lights, an on-board media system, integrated wifi, a Blu-ray player, a PS4 console, a 42-inch HD LCD TV screen, a second, 10-inch front facing screen, a 1200 Watt surround sound system, and a LED fake-roof screen and can project animations like skies at night and fireworks.

Each Business Lounge will be custom ordered, for an as yet undisclosed price.

the Brabus Lounge

900 miles of extra lanes to be added to England's main roads

Recently, the Department for Transport announced the largest single investment in English roads since the 1970s. Now, the Department for Transport have posted an infographic detailing exactly where the money will go, which you can see here.

Over 3000 miles of road will be resurfaced as well.

The results are in: Everyone's driving is getting worse, except yours

According to a survey by website Auto Express, it is a widely held belief that the average standard of driving has deteriorated significantly in the last five years. About 90% of motorists said driving has become increasingly more dangerous since 2009, but only 15% included themselves in that assessment. The results are seen as "no surprise", as "everyone thinks it's always the other person's fault when it comes to driving".

While roads are actually generally safer these days, it seems to have little to do with motorists' ability. Director of the RAC Foundation, Professor Stephen Glaister: "Bad driving isn't just annoying, it's also the source of most accidents. Around three quarters of crashes have been because of human error." Read the full survey results here.

Mercedes ML350 Sport

Also, in case you missed it, our hound-in-house reviewer Ted took a poke around the Mercedes ML350 Sport last week.