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2013 International Automobile Concept Cars Exhibition

Peugeot ONYX

The 28th International Automobile Festival is a two month long celebration of cars held in the French capital. Arguably one of the most exciting elements of the festival is the Concept Cars Exhibition which took place on Wednesday Jan 30th.

Paris' synonymity with fashion makes it the ideal place to showcase the latest automotive prototypes from the cream of car creators. Here's a selection of some of the stunning designs that graced the carwalk:

Car Montage

Alfa Romeo flaunted the fabulously sleek 2012 Disco Volante. Inspired by the C52 Touring Superleggera from the 1950s, it dazzled in red.

One of the more outlandish offerings was the KTM X-BOW 7.25 by Kiska. Boasting a Nurnburgring lap time of 7 minutes 25 seconds it would not look out of place in Wayne Manor.

What's more seductive then a black Jaguar? How about the 'Lady Jag', an exquisitely sculptured MK2 with big cat trim that needs to be seen to be believed, and unsurprisingly earned its designer the 2013 Art Grand Prize.

Renault updated their classic 60s look Alpine A110 with a brilliantly outrageous futuristic finned prototype. One, old school suave, the other, pure showing off.

The two-wheeled posse was also strongly represented, most notably the Hagakure Zen tribute (literally 'hidden beneath the leaves'). Featuring the unmistakeable V shaped Buell engine and sporting horn-like handlebars hung so low you'd be giving this hog a proper hug.

It was Peugeot who drove away with the Grand Prix, the accolade of 'Best Concept Car Design' for the Onyx supercar. We got our first peek at the Onyx last September and it has already gone on to garner multiple awards including 'Favourite Concept Car' in the World (Auto Plus and RTL) and also seduced the jury of the International Festival and Enthusiasts Automotive Design, winning the prize for the 'Best Concept Car of the Year'. This is eye-candy indeed.