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10 Crazy Celebrity Cars

Pink Batman Tesla

Earlier this month, Mario Balotelli's camouflaged Bentley was voted the flashiest football star's car in LHD Car Supermarket's poll in the Daily Star. It certainly is an ostentatious motor, but we thought we'd compile a review of some truly whacky celebrity cars. Who knows, maybe you'll get some inspiration for your next paint job?

1. Sergey Brin's Pink Tesla

Google co-founder Sergey Brin makes a pretty flamboyant statement with his bright pink Tesla emblazened with the Batman logo, black Batmobile tail wings and fluttery eyelash detailing over the headlamps. Reports suggest the Tesla's frankly amazing paintjob is some kind of April Fool's joke, but at least Brin is taking green technology seriously.

McLaren art

2. Psychedelic McLaren Art Project

This isn't a celebrity car per se, although Jay Leno and Will.I.Am both own more conventional versions of this McLaren MP4-12C. A German tuning company apparently spent £90,000 transforming this car into something worthy of an art gallery. Maybe it looks a bit like a rainbow vomited on it, but it certainly gets heads turning.

John Lennons Phantom V

3. John Lennon's Phantom V

Perhaps one of the most iconic celebrity cars is John Lennon's psychedelic Phantom V, whose intricate paintjob helped immortalise the legacy of The Beatles. The car was sold to a fan in the mid-1980s for a startling $2.29 million.

Rob Dyrdeks Horse Trailer

4. Rob Dyrdek's Mini-Horse Trailer

Skateboarding star Rob Dyrdek's Chevy Tahoe comes complete with a custom-painted trailer. This cool fantasy paint job seems all the more eccentric when you learn that Dyrdek uses the trailer to transport his miniature horse.

Kate Moss London Cab

5. Kate Moss's London Cab

From the ridiculous to the sublime, Kate Moss's car of choice is an iconic black London cab. No whacky colours or flamboyant finishes here, but her taxi certainly represents the classy British style for which the model has become famous. It's great until someone gets in the back wanting to go to the airport.

Custom Cadillac Batmobile

6. Justin Bieber's Custom Cadillac 'Batmobile'

Teen heart-throb Justin Bieber had this Cadillac CTS-V Coupe custom made to resemble the famous Batmobile. The car features backward-opening doors, a subtle Batman logo on the front grill and 20-inch matte charcoal Asanti wheels.

Nigos Camouflaged Mercendes-Benz

7. Nigo's Camo Mercedes-Benz

If you liked Balotelli's camouflaged Bentley, you'll love this crazy camo Mercedes-Benz 300SL belonging to Japanese music producer Nigo. Ironically, this custom paint job and whacky top-opening door is guaranteed to blow Nigo's cover.


8. Will.I.Am's IAMAUTO

It's hard to believe that this monster used to be a DeLorean. Yes, everyone's favourite time-travelling car has been transformed by hip-hop star Will.I.Am into a big white beast that looks like it would eat Doc Brown for breakfast.

Wyclef Jeans Spidey Chopper

9. Wyclef Jean's Spidey Chopper

This custom Orange County Chopper belonging to former Fugees frontman and music producer Wyclef Jean is simply stunning. It features a Spiderman paintjob that is pretty cool by itself, but what makes this bike really amazing is the incredibly detailed spider webs covering the chopper's wheels and body.


10. And Finally.....Frankencar

It's hard to know what to say about this Frankencar. It's not owned by a celebrity, but it has become famous in its own right after appearing in a Craigslist advert. It's a hybrid Pontiac/Oldsmobile/International Harvester that has been lovingly welded together, apparently by someone wearing a blindfold and oven gloves. The owner proudly assures potential buyers that the car comes complete with working airbags and brakes, but that won't stop the neighbours wanting to hunt it down with pitchforks.