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Custom Aston Martin Delivered to Monaco in 24 Hours


When a repeat customer of LHD Car Supermarket orders a new, custom super car on a last-minute deadline, the team pulls out all the stops to deliver the car on time.

In early May, LHD Car Supermarket got an order for a new Aston Martin Rapide in part exchange for a Porsche Panemera. The order was from a repeat customer in Monaco, and had to be ready for the start of the Grand Prix season, on the 9th May. But not just any new Aston Martin Rapide would do. Our team had fewer than nine days to source, inspect, deliver, and handover "a top spec, Faberge Egg blue Aston Martin Rapide, with cream leather and walnut wood interior". Easy.

Scouring their pan-European network, a single car was found in Germany, but now it needed expert inspections to verify the vehicle's quality and documentation. LHD Car Supermarket's team in Germany roared into action. Within twenty-four hours of the initial order, the team had inspected and secured the coveted super car, and had the Aston Martin ready to go the next day.

Now, ordinarily, this kind of vehicle would be transported, but with the extreme time frame allowed, there was nothing for it but to hop in and drive the super car itself. Besides, it would've cost a fortune in 1st class stamps.

Custom Aston Martin Dashboard

Never ones to baulk at a challenge, the directors of LHD Car Supermarket, Gavin Stafford and Adam Nicholson, volunteered to make the journey themselves. After personally inspecting the vehicle, they began the 800km quest from the rolling hills of Southern Germany, through Switzerland, across the winding mountain roads of the Italian Alps, and down the sunny French coast, to arrive in Monaco with just enough time to get lost when their satnav stopped working!

With all the main roads closed for the event, Gavin and Adam successfully managed to navigate the Principality's twisting back roads and deliver the car in time for the start of the Monaco Historic Grand Prix - eight days from receiving the order. After a well deserved exploration of the world famous spectacle (more to come about this), they packed up and set off on the significantly less comfortable return trip in the Porsche Panemera. Snigger.

Now that's service with a smile. A Faberge Egg blue smile.