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Callum's Jaguar Mark II, Divine DS and the Electric Revolution - This Week

Jaguar Mk. II

Jaguar will produce a 'limited run' of Ian Callum's Jaguar Mk. II

Ian Callum, Jaguar's director of design, sought the assistance of renowned restorers Classic Motor Cars Limited when he wanted to design himself a unique Jag for his own personal use. The resulting car turned out to be gorgeous, and the response has been so overwhelming that CMC decided to knock out a special limited line of them. Ian Callum was surprised at the news: “I have been both astounded and delighted with the response. I am pleased that a few more cars are going to be built.” Prices will range from £350,000 to £375,000.

Euro NCAP have released their latest test results

This selection of crash tests includes the Mercedes-Benz GLA mini-SUV, the Citroen Berlingo mini-MPV, the Renault Twingo and Toyota Aygo. The Aygo and Twingo were awarded four stars, falling short only in the safety assist systems category. The GLA successfully matched its rival, the BMW X1, with a five star score, doing well in all four of the NCAP's categories. The Citroen Berlingo, however, failed to adequately protect passengers in the front seat, and so only picked up three stars.

For more information, you can see all of the NCAP's scores. For a more in depth look at the safest cars on the market, see our own run down here

Bristol Cars has released their first glimpse of Project Pinnacle

Project Pinnacle is a car designed to celebrate the firm's 70th anniversary, and is described as "a modern take on the best of British craftsmanship". Bristol want the new model to reinvigorate their brand in a saturated market. "We believe that the automotive landscape is changing, particularly in the premium and luxury sector. The definitions of luxury are changing.", said Julian Ramshaw, general manager of Bristol Cars, "This is just the start, and there is a lot more to come from us." Millions have gone into Project Pinnacle over the last few years, and will culminate in the launch of the car next year.

The Citroen Divine DS concept car has been revealed?

Citroen have published their stealthy, reptilian new concept before its public debut at the Paris motor show. The concept is designed to preview the look of future DS ranges.?While not based on any particular model, it shows off various style choices Citroen have already made. The grille, the scaled roof, and the 20-inch alloys are all set to feature prominently in DS models of the next few years. Interestingly, the DS looks like it will be shedding the Citroen logo, possibly in favour of its own unique brand.

Divine DS Concept

The UK is leading the electric "revolution".

Electric car charging station installer, Ecotricity, has said that, thanks to their new network of stations, the UK is at the fore of an electric "revolution" (second only to Norway). Figures show sales of more than 10,000 electric cars a year in the UK. The charging station network, plus government incentives to reduce owning and buying costs, as well as recent technological innovations, are all leading to a huge surge in electric car ownership.

Ecotricity have 170 stations, that allow a car battery to charge up 80% in 20-30 minutes - something that was impossible only a couple of years ago. Figures also show that the number of cars using these stations has tripled in the last year. Whether the same kind of network can be set up across mainland Europe remains to be seen, though companies like Ecotricity and Tesla have already published plans to do so. For more, and a glimpse at the future, you can visit and