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Jaguar Experience Bentley's Luxury Phone and Driverless Audi - This Week

Jaguar announce rare classic driving experiences

In Warwickshire, UK, at a new two-hundred-plus acre testing facility, Jaguar are offering customers the opportunity to drive a collection of the most sought after classic Jaguar models in the world. It is part of a new driving experience day, made possible by the manufacturer's recent acquisition of more than 500 cars from a private collector. The selection is astonishing, including the C and D Type Le Mans racers, the XKSS, the XK150, and Mark 2 saloon.

For £2000, you can drive any and all the models you desire, as well as tour Jaguar's priceless "Perfect 10". Basic experiences, though, range from £95 to £250, depending on your choice of vehicles, and will be available from November. To investigate further, you'll need to contact your local Jaguar dealer.

Enjoying the Jaguar classic driving experience

Mazda 2 named Japan's Car of the Year

Seeing huge success even before its European début, the new Mazda 2 has won Japan Car of the Year 2014-15.

This marks the second time Mazda have won the title in three years. The judges praised the supermini, called the Demio in Japan, for its design, economy, and ergonomic interior (the Mazda 2 is the first car in its class to include a Heads-Up Display). They were particularly impressed by the Mazda's SKYACTIV technology, allowing for lower emissions and other benefits.

The award winning mini's European launch is in November, and exact specifications and price details haven't been disclosed yet.

Bentley's new extravagant smartphone

Collaborating with Vertu, a British "luxury phone" maker, Bentley have released a smartphone. The imaginatively named 'Vertu for Bentley' is an Android smartphone with 64GB of memory and an industry average processor. The attraction, says Vertu CEO Massimiliano Pogliani, is the "contemporary embodiment of English craftsmanship". Each phone is apparently handmade, with a titanium case, calf leather grip and the Bentley logo, finished with the signature of the person who put it together.

Possibly more appealing though, is the ambitious service that comes with the phone. Vertu promise that every buyer will have access to a sort of executive assistant staff, who will be on hand to aid the customer with things like securing VIP concert tickets, reserving tables at exclusive restaurants, and even buying presents for family and friends. And what will this wonderful phone and benefit package cost? A mere £10,700.

Bentley phone

Toyota recalls 1.75 million vehicles

Japanese firm Toyota is having to recall 1.75 million vehicles worldwide, due to faulty brakes and fuel component problems. All Noah, Voxy, and Crown Majesta models produced between June 2007 and 2012 are affected, along with many Lexus models produced between January 2005 and September 2010, and Corolla Rumion and Auris models produced between October 2006 and October 2014.

The vehicles have had to be recalled for an assortment of different reasons. In roughly half of cases, the faulty break system is at risk of cracking and leaking brake fluid. In 759,000 cars, the fuel delivery system has the potential to leak, putting the car at risk of catching on fire. This is just the latest in a string of recent recalls Toyota have had to order.

For more information, or if you're worried about your Toyota, visit Toyota's Recall Checker.

Audi RS7

Audi débuts driverless car

Next week at the Hockenheim race circuit, Audi will be showcasing their new RS7 Sportbackat. Or rather, Audi are letting the RS7 showcase itself. Using a 3D imaging camera, radio signals, and GPS, the RS7 will complete the lap without human help. Audi say that the RS7's autonomous track laps are simply a testing ground for real world application of the technology, and that a lot of the tech will be available to consumers by 2020.

London chosen for BMW's pilot car hire scheme

DriveNow is BMW's (and rental company Sixt's) car hire scheme, which will launch in selected boroughs of Greater London by 2015. The scheme will provide electric i3 city cars, Minis, and BMW 1-series at strategic locations, where members will be able to locate, unlock and reserve the vehicles with a smartphone app. The London scheme is a replica of the five German cities where DriveNow already successfully operates.

If it remains identical, members will pay a registration fee (roughly €29), and then be able to rent a car at a moment's notice, paying a fee that undercuts the equivalent taxi fare. The project brings with it promised leniency from London's notorious traffic wardens, and a waving of congestion charges.