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Jaguar XE, Apple Watch and the New Batmobile - This Week

Jaguar XE

Jaguar's new XE has officially been unveiled

The Jaguar XE has made it's first public appearance at a special event in London's Earls Court. The setting was suitably extravagant, with live performances from The Kaiser Chiefs, Eliza Doolittle, and Emeli Sandé. The XE actually officially débuts at the Paris Motor Show in October, after which the car can be ordered and delivered from May next year.

“We decided to stick with the Jaguar design philosophy,” said Ian Callum, Jaguar's director of desgin, “The XE is a sports saloon with a long bonnet, great wheel to dash proportions, the cabin set backwards and a coupe profile. But we’ve still got great packaging inside.”

Prices start from £27,000.

Luca di Montezemolo, Ferrari's chairman of 23 years, steps down

Luca di Montezemolo has announced his intention to stand down as Ferrari chairman.

"This is the end of an era,", he said, "I have decided to leave my position as Chairman after almost 23 marvellous and unforgettable years". Montezemolo praised the company as "the most important thing in my life."

In November 1991, Montezemolo took the helm of a flagging Ferrari brand to not only reinvigorate the company and its sales, but push the F1 team to unmatched heights. See Ferrari's tribute to him here.

Sergio Marchionne, CEO of Ferrari's parent company Fiat, will be his replacement.

The Apple Watch

It will be illegal to use an Apple Watch while driving in the UK

If you're caught using an Apple Watch behind the wheel, and you'll face the same penalty as using a mobile phone. A Department for Transport spokesman said "Using a mobile phone or any device that distracts a driver whilst driving is extremely dangerous and is already illegal.”

Apple's latest innovation will be on sale next year, and will allow users to check messages, use the internet, and even make phone calls, all from your wrist. Luckily for UK drivers, the Apple Watch will have a hands free function (and a sat nav), which, as of yet, is still perfectly legal.

Twice as many women convicted of drink-driving since 1998

New research from the UK shows that the percentage of women being convicted of drink-driving has doubled over the last 16 years, with the latest figure at 17%. However, when questioned, one in six women admitted to drink-driving at some point in the previous year, and researchers found that when adjusted for actual miles driven, the statistics showed women were more likely to be over the limit than men.

The report comes with a plea to lower the legal blood/alcohol limit in the UK, the highest in Europe. There are already proposals in Northern Ireland and Scotland to reduce the limit to 50mg alcohol in 100ml blood. The report stated that the UK's current 80mg in 100ml was just too high, even for a male metabolism.

A different balance of enzymes and hormones means women and men process alcohol in an entirely different way. In particular, females tend to hit the legal limit a lot faster, with less body water (on average) to dilute the alcohol in their bloodstream.

Steve Maddock, spokesperson for Direct Line Group said: "The issue of women and drink driving is rarely addressed, but when we look at the figures, we can see that this is a real issue. Part of the problem is a lack of awareness and confusion as to what constitutes drink driving and also the misguided belief that in some circumstances, driving whilst over the limit can be justified."

The Batmobile

The world's most famous car gets its latest redesign

The Batmobile is back and revamped for the upcoming superhero blockbuster Batman vs. Superman, and the world caught its first glimpse earlier this week. Although we really don't have the garage space for it, that machine gun turret would certainly help get us through the morning congestion...