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The LA Motor Show 2014

The LA Motor Show may have been small this year, but its bounty of new concepts and production cars was anything but. With production-ready hydrogen powered vehicles in all corners, and some truly mind-bending concepts, this year's LA Motor Show was all about the future. Here are the highlights.

Fisker Rocket

Fisker Rocket

Modified from the latest Ford Mustang and hailed as the "ultimate muscle car", the Fisker Rocket features an all-carbon fibre body and a specifically designed, supercharged take on the Ford quad-cam V8. The flared arches, front splitter and hexagonal grille are said to be inspired by the legendary Mustangs of the 60s and 70s. Prices are looking to be around £100,000.

Toyota Mirai

Toyota Mirai

Available in Europe from summer 2015, Toyota's Mirai is the result of 20 years of research for the company. Twin high-pressure hydrogen tanks feed a fuel cell powering an electromagnetic motor. The European production model will seat four and have a range of 300 miles, while only emitting water vapour. Toyota are understandably proud of the achievement, naming the car after the Japanese word for 'Future'. A European price tag has not been set.

Mazda CX-3

Also arriving next year, Mazda's CX-3 will target the smaller SUV market, taking on foes like Peugeot's 2008. The new SkyActiv engine powers the supermini, while the interior feels inspired by (read copied from) the MX-5, except now including that much-coveted heads-up display. Prices will start at around £13,000.

Audi Prologue

Audi Prologue Concept

Supposedly bringing an entirely new style of design to their brand, Audi have certainly made a fair go of it. The lower grille, new lines, and new lights leave the Prologue looking more like a muscle car than a luxury saloon. Audi's new design chief, Marc Lichte, explained that all future Audi models will be based on this concept.


BMW surprised all with a dual-reveal of the X5M and X6M. The Ms are up versions of their existing X5 and X6, and will both be able to hit 60mph in almost 4 seconds. Two 4.4litre V8 luxury SUVs, rocking 567bhp and 750Nm of torque - it should be no surprise that prices will start at £90,000.

Cadillac ATS-V

It's the “most performance-focused Cadillac in history”, according to chief engineer of the ATS-V, Dave Leone. The specs back him up - a twin-turbo, six-cylinder 3.6litre engine, generating 455bhp. The ATS-V boasts a top speed of 185mph, and a 0 to 60mph in under 4 seconds. Leone went on, "It's the faster ever, the most agile and the most nimble", and that as of now, the Cadillac brand had “performance credibility”. The ATS-V will only be available in left hand drive.

Chevrolet Chaparral

Chevy Chaparral 2X Vision GT

This is what car shows are all about. A concept car in the true sense of the word, the Chaparral 2X Vision GT was designed for a console game - the hugely successful Kazunori Yamauchi's Gran Turismo. However, this GT concept isn't just special because Chevy have actually built it, it's also special because it's propelled by a laser. "Inspired by technology derived from advanced work targeted at space travel and future aircraft design", this amazing machine uses a 671kW laser to pulse beams of light that create shock waves capable of enormous thrust. 900Bhp, 240mph top speed, and 0 to 60mph in less than one and a half seconds. 0 to 60 in less than 1.5 seconds - it took you longer to read this sentence.