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Lamborghini Gallardo Enroute to Spain

Lamborghini Gallardo

If the stunning white metallic paint didn't catch your eye, then maybe the fact that you can get your own Lamborghini Gallardo will get your attention? Starting at around £89,000 these high class, high speed cars are the perfect investment for the executive who wants to make a bold statement. With this car you're bound to stand out from the crowd and make an spectacular entrance

Lamborghini Gallardo Interior

If that still isn't enough, the Lamborghini isn't just a pretty face. Some of the features include: a CD player, on board computer, a navigation system and the black Alcantara® is the icing on the cake, as well as many more. The new owner of this car is very lucky indeed!

Then there is the engine, with its 10 cylinders V90°, DOHC 4 valves and common-pin crankshaft, its got enough power to blow your socks off. Quite literally. Outstanding performance, stunning curves and enough features to keep you occupied for weeks. What hasn't the Lamborghini got to offer? With bluetooth as standard, central locking, front and side air bags as well as a full service history and warranty.

Gavin inside the Lamborghini Gallardo

We're no strangers to cars like this, but the Lamborghini Gallardo was so stunning we couldn't stop taking pictures of it. Gavin even took the opportunity to have his photo taken!

We recorded a quick video on our youtube channel which you can find here.