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Visit the Lamborghini Museum without leaving your armchair

Snapshot of the Lamborghini museum

As one of the most exciting and renowned super car manufacturers in the world, Lamborghini is a name synonymous with cutting edge style. Now, thanks to a partnership with Google, you don't have to wait for the next auto show to see one of their cars on display.

Using Google Street View technology, you can now take a virtual tour of Lamborghini's famous museum in Italy, featuring some of their most breath-taking classic and contemporary vehicles.

The two-storey museum houses some of Lamborghini's most iconic models, including the Diablo, the Murciélago and the Countach, as well as a range of fascinating prototypes that never made it to mainstream distribution.

Take a 360 degree stroll around this impressive modern building which expertly exhibits these beautiful cars, and get the chance to see some extremely rare models without forking out for a flight to Italy.

The museum features exclusive access to limited edition and one-off vehicles such as the Reventòn and the Sesto Elemento, as well as exhibits of stripped-down V12 engines and photograph archives.

You can even get inside some of the cars and see for yourself, in glorious high resolution, the luxury interiors and features they offer.

A must-see virtual destination for all car enthusiasts (and Google Street View enthusiasts!), this project paves the way for future ventures that could open up accessibility to hundreds of landmarks and locations all over the world.

Visit the Lamborghini museum here.