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New Mercedes-Benz - The Lap of Luxury

Mercedes-Benz CLA

Mercedes-Benz promise a smooth ride

The new 2014 Mercedes-Benz CLA is being released this month and it looks to be a serious competitor in the modern luxury car market. After having slipped to third in the luxury brand rankings, losing out to Audi and BMW in recent years, Mercedes is pulling out all the stops to give its competitors a luxurious run for their money.

Youthful and Sporty

Targeting a new generation of first-time Mercedes buyers, the German manufacturer is upping its game to cater to the demands of the contemporary market. The future Mercedes luxury vehicle will be 'youthful' and 'sporty' to appeal to younger drivers, but there'll be no compromising on style and comfort.

The new CLA features a sweeping coupé roofline and twin-pipe exhaust which give it a dynamic, streamlined and compact-looking appearance. On the inside, classic top-of-the-range materials are combined with cutting-edge technologies and eye-catching designs to give you all the quality and opulence you expect from a Mercedes car but with a contemporary finish.

High-Tech Design

Mercedes claims that the CLA has the world's lowest drag coefficient in a production car, giving you unbeatable performance on the road and returning up to 62.8 mpg combined. The engineering expertise doesn't stop at the exterior. Tapping into the trend for touch-screen displays, the CLA boasts an Audio 20 system with tablet-style interface, internet access and 3D navigation.

The CLA's competitive price tag makes it attractive to the younger market, coming in at under $30,000 in the US - cheaper than its Audi and BMW counterparts - and making it new favourite in the luxury car market.