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Mazda Recall Due to Dangerous Spiders

Yellow Sac Spider

Mazda are recalling 42,000 vehicles because of dangerous spider infestations. Again.

The Yellow-sac is a curious breed of spider - one that is attracted to fuel. If it isn't stopped, the Yellow-sac spider will find its way into the fuel line of your car, nest there, lay hundreds of eggs, and do whatever else spiders do when they settle down to family life. Normally, this isn't much of a problem. Your car is probably spider-proof, spider-resistant, or both. But not if your car is a Mazda. In unfortunate Mazda models, the spiders block the fuel line, the pressure builds, the tank cracks and leaks, the petrol catches fire, and your Mazda bursts into flames. The company is recalling all US Mazda 6 sedans built from 2009 to 2011.

Amazingly, this isn't the first time they've had this problem. 52,000 vehicles were recalled in 2011 for exactly the same reason. Mazda thought their engineers had solved it when they invented a specifically designed spider-blocking spring, but they were wrong. The Yellow-sac has thwarted the spring, and spider-induced car fires are once again giving Mazda a giant, eight-legged headache.

Don't worry, though, the Yellow-sac spider is currently only indigenous to the Americas, so your European Mazda is safe (provided you don't take it further afield). The mechanics over at Mazda, however, are anything but safe. The Yellow-sac spider is a fierce, aggressive hunter, responsible for more bitten humans in the US than than any other. If that wasn't bad enough. female Yellow-sacs become even more vicious when guarding their nests, and "have been observed crawling across the human skin surface and biting without provocation".

Meanwhile, everyone else appreciates that their job doesn't involve contact with swarms of furious spiders.