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National Classic Car Day

Chris Evans

Chris Evans has declared 4th April National Classic Car Day.

Seemingly on the spur of the moment, the Radio 2 DJ came up with the idea live on his morning show on 24th March. Evans announced National Classic Car Day as a charity plug. The idea is that you offer your co-workers a ride to work in your classic car and everyone donates their would-be petrol money to Children In Need.

Evans' love affair with classic cars is well known already. He can often be seen rolling around London, showing off his collection (most notably his selection of 1960's and 90's Ferraris), so it's no surprise classic cars are at the heart of this great idea in aid of a worthwhile cause.

Even better, there's no need to worry about the usually strict rules as to what qualifies as a classic car. According to Evans, "If you consider it a classic, then it's OK. Class is in the eye of the beholder." And he would know.

Apparently, Evans first planned to hold Classic Car Day last Friday, but then remembered the 28th March is Brain Tumour Research's Wear A Hat Day, and thus moved it to today.

So hop into that prized classic, pull your colleagues in for the ride, and enjoy National Classic Car Day. Don't forget to donate to Children In Need! Have a look at some of the fantastic motors on Twitter (#classiccarday).

And if you've missed it, don't fret, there's always Drive It Day on 27th April to look forward to.

How to donate to Children In Need