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Nissan Smartwatch for Drivers

The Nissan Smartwatch

Just a month after unveiling their first self-drive electric car, the Leaf, Nissan are making waves again with the announcement of new smartwatch technology.

The Nismo smartwatch is the latest innovation in car communications which is being hailed as the most important development in the automotive industry in recent years.

Like the many other smartwatches due to hit the market soon, such as Samsung's Galaxy Gear, the Nismo smartwatch will grant users uninhibited connectivity between a range of media. The Nismo will be able to connect with a car's internal computer in order to share data and instructions.

The watch will provide the driver with up-to-date information about the car's status and performance, as well as allowing the driver to send remote instructions when away from the vehicle. If you think you might have forgotten to lock the doors, for example, you could send your car a message via the smartwatch to check the locks.

The smartwatch also monitors the driver's condition, recording vital biometric data. It will monitor the user's heart rate, temperature and brainwave patterns using electrocardiogram and electroencephalogram technology. Alerts will sound if the device detects the driver's fatigue or dehydration levels are too high, advising the driver to take a break.

Wearable technology may sound like science fiction, but the recent developments in smartwatch technology could mean it will soon become not only one of the most useful bits of tech, but also one of the most fashionable. With the announcement of the Nismo, Nissan is ensuring that the automotive industry is keeping up with the trends.