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Take Good Care of Your Baby

Mitchell and King Elite Wax

If you drive a luxury car as part of your business life, it's vital that it looks pristine and reflects your own professionalism. For many drivers, taking care of the car's maintenance and appearance becomes more than just a chore - it's a passion. In response to this, we've put together a review of luxury car care products and services that will help you keep up appearances.

Mitchell & King

With outlets all over the world, Mitchell & King are a truly international car care retailer, providing beautifully presented superior car care products produced from highly refined ingredients. Many of their waxes are organic, and they are the first car care company to produce an entirely vegan-friendly wax.

The M&K Grandmaster Collection features 25ml samples of a range of their exclusive waxes so you can choose your favourite. The collection comes in a fine timber box with a hand-engraved brass plaque, making it the perfect accessory for any showroom. The collection is around £584.

Dubbed the 'wax which matches the majesty of your vehicle', Elite is M&K's most exclusive wax product, boasting a 60% T1 carnauba content and promising a sharp, reflective finish. Only 14 Elite car waxes are released per year, making this product a truly luxurious item. Glittering like an expensive jewel, the crystal-effect jar is set in an exquisite wooden display case fit to grace even the most elite showroom. With a waiting list of around 2 weeks and a £1,135 price tag, this product is for serious collectors only.

Migliore Luxury Car Care

Featured in The New York Times, Migliore is an internationally-renowned car care product manufacturer based in the US and specialising in luxury ranges for elite vehicles. They produce top-end shampoos, waxes, and a plethora of magical ointments that will make your car shine, sparkle and dazzle.

Migliore's organic shampoo is made from all-natural ingredients and creates a rich foam suitable for washing all external bodywork. It is wax-friendly and creates an impermeable barrier between wash media and paint for an excellent finish. $29.99 for a 16 oz. bottle.

Migliore has teamed up with automotive dealer Barry Theal to produce the exclusive Presidenziale Wax, a luxury product comprising a range of sought-after ingredients. It is made up of nearly 50% carnauba and a selection of other exotic natural sources to create a top quality product that gives you a perfect finish. This is Migliore's most expensive wax, costing $399.99 for a 6 oz. tub, but it comes with a card of authentication to prove it's the best that money can buy.

Luxury Wax

If you find you just don't have the time to invest in your car's appearance, simply get Bellissimoto to do it for you. Their fully mobile service provides top quality bespoke detailing across the UK. With unrivalled car care know-how, Bellissimoto detailers use an array of market-tested brands to bring you the best results.

Bellissimoto provide a range of services depending on your requirements. These services vary in price from around £290 for a Protection/New Car Detail to around £795 for a thorough 100-stage Correction Detail. Give them a call to arrange a booking.

Britain's Most Expensive Car Wash

If these services and products just don't seem good enough for your pride and joy, why not try the valeting service that has been dubbed 'Britain's most expensive car wash'? Setting you back a serious £7,200, the bespoke service takes an entire month and utilises tools as diverse as a police forensic microscope (to spot minute fractures) and an exclusive wax costing over £8,000. Taking 250 hours to complete, the elite valet service includes a thorough interior and exterior clean, polish and buff that's repeated five times to create absolutely stunning results. To make it all the more remarkable, all this work is carried out by just one man: dedicated valet and business entrepreneur Gurcharn Sahota. Check out Elite Detailing and Protection for his range of exclusive services.