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Starsky and Hutch Car For Sale

Starsky and Hutch Ford Lincoln

A car made famous by the hit cult TV show Starsky and Hutch is being sold at an auction in Dundee. The 1973 Ford Lincoln Continental Mark IV has been dubbed 'the most American car ever' and topped the luxury car market in the States between 1972 and 1976.

Starsky and Hutch, a cop thriller from the 1970s, featured many iconic vehicles, not least the famous red 1974 Ford Gran Torino driven in countless thrilling chase sequences by the lead characters.

In 2004 the popular police duo were revived in a film of the same title starring Ben Stiller and Owen Wilson, and featuring a comedic turn by rap star Snoop Dogg as Huggy Bear.

The Lincoln Continental Mark IV has all the hallmarks of a classic American car: it's big, it's bold, and with a seven litre petrol engine, it guzzles gas like it's going out of fashion. With all eyes on the latest carbon emission targets, this car is a relic from a vanished era of extravagance and flamboyance.

This particular vehicle has been with the same careful owner since it was imported to the UK in 1978, but now it's time for it to move on to a new home.

The auction will feature on BBC2's Antiques Roadshow and is predicted to draw a great deal of specialist collectors.

This classic slice of American pie is sure to turn heads as it squeezes along the tiny British roads, but with its high fuel demands it might be best kept in a showroom for all to enjoy.