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Ted's Mercedes GLK220 Review

Hello again, Beagle fans, and welcome back! Here's the latest in my series of car reviews from the house-hound's point of view.

Ted reflecting on the Mercedes GLK220. Have you got my good side. Do I look majestic.

Today, I've been padding around the Mercedes GLK220. The GLK has received positive, but not fantastic reviews, and this canny canine can see why. The ride is smooth, but it could be smoother. The GLK's seven-speed automatic transmission is responsive and shifts gracefully. The steering is relaxingly accurate and well-weighted, and the GLK handles corners like a champ - though for dog's sake, don't fit the optional AMG suspension.

But it was inside the Mercedes GLK where your howling hero took issue, because the interior is a very mixed doggy bag. On the one paw, the seats are exceptionally comfy. Leather seats are an available option, but totally unnecessary - this pooch, and many other reviewers, couldn't tell the difference.

Quite a roomy boot. Good heavens, that is comfortable

On the other paw, however, the back seat is cramped. Calling yourself a five-seater is not the same as actually fitting five people - or even four and a furry half. Narrow rear doors make getting in and out awkward for humans, never mind quadrupedally superior species. There's also a disappointing lack of cargo room. Even with the rear seats folded down and cargo cover wrestled out, the GLK will never feel like you got your money's worth of pure space.

So a mixed result for the Mercedes GLK220. A fine vehicle, but not the first choice for dogs.

A mixed doggy bag

"Hang on! There appears to be a handsome charmer trapped in the bumper."