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Ted's Land Rover Freelander Review

Ted in the Land Rover Freelander

Hello! Ted here, continuing my series of articles where I review different cars from the point of view that counts the most - the dog's. This time, I'm taking a ride in the Land Rover Freelander. An SUV like this should be a thoroughly dog-friendly experience, but is it? The snout will out. (As soon as someone gives me a leg up; the boot on the Freelander is awfully high up.)

"The Land Rover Freelander: Better than standing in the rain."

On the surface, the Land Rover Freelander is a reasonable car, but as soon as you take a closer sniff it starts to disappoint. While the suspension positively carries you down urban streets and motorways, the boxlike body leans uncomfortably when turning corners - a fur raising experience if ever there was one. And while I enjoy jumping up and down on my own four feet, I like it less when the car does it over dips and crests. Traveling with a canine companion and these suspension issues could mean it's only a matter of time before you appreciate the wipe-clean interior. The boot is small too, compared with other SUVs and is intruded upon by the wheel arch. Not the most comfortable ride, even with a furry bottom.

The Freelander's box shaped body work has another downside too. It causes so much wind noise at high speeds you can't hear yourself bark. I don't mind it, though, because I'm clearly a very brave Beagle, and not at all unnerved by loud howling noises.

What was that

So there you have it, Beagle fans. The Land Rover Freelander boot did not impress overall. Till next time!