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Ted's Mercedes ML350 Sport Review

Ted in the Mercedes ML350
Hey Beagle fans! Ted here, with another Review from Your Best Friend's Point of View. This time under the Snifferscope, it's the Mercedes ML350 Sport. This surprisingly fuel efficient people carrier has been lauded as one of the safest SUVs on the market. It's a good start, but is it hound-compatible? mercedes ml350 ted review "Luxury high-speed refinement. And the Mercedes ML350 Sport." The first thing both you and your knee high companion will notice is the handling, but not in a good way. The ML350's steering is bum-clenchingly ambiguous and unresponsive. While my human gradually got used to it, I did not. Neither of us, however, acclimatised to the suspension. Taken off a perfect road surface, the ML350 pitches and lurches as if it were designed to. Most dogs I know are not great fans of pitching and lurching. You can buy the optional air suspension as extra (and woof, does that really make a difference), but it's very expensive for what this Beagle thinks should've come as standard.
You call that suspension

It's a shame, because handling aside, the Mercedes ML350 is a really dog-friendly vehicle. The nice, quiet engine and well suppressed road noise is only slightly let down by a bit of wind noise at high speeds. The acceleration is smooth and easy, and the cruising comfortable - exactly how this canine likes it. The ML350 also feels huge. As in you-could-fit-another-set-of-seats-in-here-and-the-dog-would-still-be-comfortable huge.

I cannot recommend the taste of bumper

So it's a mixed review for the Mercedes ML350 Sport. A nice car, if a little 'ruff' around the edges. If you need it fit for pooch-purpose, though, you may want to splash out on the air suspension

Great danes must feel this tall all the time