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Ted's turbo-diesel BMW X3 Review

You can call me Ted
Hello, my name is Ted - Beagle, canine car connoisseur and expert boot reviewer for LHD Car Supermarket. This is the first of a series of articles where I'll be comparing the pros and cons of different cars from the point of view of the most important family member – the dog. So pull up a rug, grab yourself a nice warm chew toy, and let's begin. In this first review I looked at the turbo-diesel BMW X3. The luxury 4x4 seemed spacious enough, and has been praised by many as a stylish, comfortable ride. If there's one thing I've got, though, it's a nose for detail, so let's see how well it holds up under the Snifferscope.
That new car smell

The X3 gets off to a good start. Good handling and smooth acceleration more than compensate for the argumentative gear box. The ample 550 litre boot folds out to a thoroughly exciting 1600 litres with the rear seats down - enough space for three dogs! And speaking of seats, what stone-bottomed pooch can't appreciate heated leather upholstery? What really gets my tail wagging though, is the Variable Damper Control, which actively adjusts the firmness of your suspension in reaction to your speed, driving style and road conditions, providing a truly smooth and whine-free driving experience.

The BMW X3 Adorable Beagle not included

That's it from me this month. Two paws up for the BMW X3. Now, where's that treat I was promised?