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'Revolutionary' Tesla Model S due to hit Europe this year

Tesla Model S

California-based manufacturer Telsa have announced that their Model S all-electric sedan will be coming to Europe's left hand drive market this year.

Following calls for an efficient, user-friendly, environmentally sustainable electric car, the Tesla Model S promises style and functionality on an unprecedented level.

Tesla's 'efficiency-obssessed, innovative battery engineering' promises to deliver up to 300 miles of uninterrupted drive time and a charging time of as little as an hour depending on your daily mileage. The Model S can accelerate to 60 mph in 4.4 seconds and promises to save drivers thousands of dollars in fuel costs.

A company spokesman has announced: 'We'll be bringing a left-hand drive to Europe this year'. Tesla has already achieved success in North America, meeting all of its production targets.

Tesla Model S Front View

Two battery options will be available in the European versions of the Model S, offering a 230 mile or 300 mile range and coming in at €101,800 and €119,800 respectively. Taking into account the £5,000 subsidy offered in the UK on electric vehicles and the amount of money saved on petrol, the Tesla looks to be a viable investment.

Tesla aims to bring out the Model X 7-seat SUV in the next couple of years and an economy model costing around €30,000 by 2017.

Plans are also being made to install a network of charge points across the US that will be completely free to use. It will be a long time before such a scheme arrives in Europe, but if it ever does the future for electric cars will certainly look a lot brighter.