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Top 10 Car Crazy Celebrities

Jay Leno in one of his many cars

If you had the money of a top celebrity, what would your car collection be like? Take some inspiration from this list of car crazy celebs (in no particular order).

Jay Leno

Best known as the host of a series of US primetime talk shows, Jay Leno has poured his fortunes into one of the biggest and most impressive car collections on the planet. His collection features several prestigious vehicles, including the McLaren F1 and a number of Lamborghinis. But his interests are not limited to conventional cars - Leno's collection also features a range of electric, gas, steam and jet-powered cars, including several Duesenbergs from the early 20th century.

James Hetfield

Lead singer of iconic metal band Metallica, Hetfield is known for his musicianship the world over - but perhaps less so for his passion for beautiful cars. Hetfield's collection of classic hot rods marks him out as a serious contender in the car collection stakes, and he recently hosted a massive classic car and bike show in the US. His eclectic collection includes a 1936 Auburn Speedster, a 1936 Ford 5-Window Coupe and a 1956 Ford Pickup.

Ralph Lauren stepping out of his Porsche

Ralph Lauren

The iconic fashion designer is clearly not only interested in clothing labels. In keeping with the man's suave appearance and quality tailoring, Lauren's car collection resembles nothing but the very best and finest the industry has to offer. He is the owner of one of only three 1938 Bugatti Type 57SC Atlantic Coupes, as well as a host of other rare specimens that have been featured in museum exhibitions.

Wyclef Jean

Former Fugees member and three-time Grammy Award winning rap musician, Wyclef Jean certainly has a taste for the finer things in life. His highly customised 37-strong car collection speaks to this, and features a McClaren F1, a Cadillac Eldorado Biarritz, a Mercedes-Benz G-Class and a Rolls Royce Phantom.

Nick Mason

Nick Mason

As the drummer for iconic progressive rock band Pink Floyd, Nick Mason must've seen it all, but it's his love for cars that makes him stand out on this list. A fan of all things speedy, Mason has taken part in Le Mans a few times and his amazing collection of super cars is enough to make any sports fan green with envy. Including the Ferrari Enzo, a 1931 Alfa Romeo 8C 2300, a 1955 Jaguar E-Type and a 1927 Bugatti Type 35, his collection is a historic catalogue of the super car's evolution.

Bill Goldberg

Former pro-wrestler and American football player Bill Goldberg's car collection is suitably high torque, featuring a selection of quality muscle cars. His collection includes a 1967 Plymouth GTX, a Barracuda 440 Six Pack and a Shelby Cobra. He also owns one of the famous Mustang Boss 429s that was used to raise troops' morale during the Vietnam War.

Rowan Atkinson Racing

Rowan Atkinson

Since his role as Mr Bean, the bumbling British buffoon, you might be excused for thinking Rowan Atkinson's car collection comprises nothing but clapped out yellow Minis with armchairs tied to the roof. You would, however, be way off the mark, as, unlike Mr Bean, Atkinson himself has nothing but the classiest vehicles in his possession. A series of iconic Aston Martins, Bentleys and Jaguars feature in this largely classic British collection that identifies Atkinson as the polar opposite of his famous on-screen character.

Nicholas Cage

As one of Hollywood's busiest and most recognisable actors, you'd think it'd be par for the course that Nick Cage has an impressive car collection. No disappointments here: his collection includes a range of exclusive super cars such as the Ferrari Enzo, the Ferrari California 250 Spyder and the Jaguar D-Type. Rumour has it that a few years ago Cage purchased 22 cars in just 12 months. Now that's a shopping addiction.

ZZTop Eliminator

Billy Gibbons

The famously bearded guitarist from the blues-rock outfit ZZ Top deserves a truly unique and eclectic car collection, and this one doesn't disappoint. His penchant lies with classic hot rods and rare, customised and one-off specimens such as his iconic red 1933 Ford Eliminator Coupe and a Cadzilla made specially for Gibbons by hot rod builder Boyd Coddington.

Jerry Seinfeld

It turns out that comedian, actor and writer Jerry Seinfeld, best known for his leading role in semi-autobiographical sitcom Seinfeld, is also an avid Porsche enthusiast. His car collection is certainly no joke, rumoured to be worth around $15 million and comprising several iconic models including a Porsche 959, a Porsche 964, a 911 Carrera, a Carrera GT and a 1955 Spyder 550.