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Gavin Stafford

From humble beginnings, working from a small home office back in December 2009, Gavin Stafford has transformed LHD Car Supermarket into a successful customer-focused business and one of the foremost suppliers of left hand drive vehicles.

Gavin used his experience in the automotive industry to identify a gap in the market: not just selling left hand drive cars, but proving a superior level of service as well. In other words, guiding the client through the entire process, making it all so much easier.

Our Service


Today LHD Car Supermarket works out of city centre offices (London and Nottingham) and employs a team of nine specialists.

The focus remains firmly on providing high profile clients across the UK and Europe with cars that perfectly match their needs and with a service that removes all the hassle for them.

Read what LHD Car Supermarket clients have to say on our testimonials page.

Our Clients

This list of clients includes business leaders who travel a lot, footballers who have transferred to UK clubs from other countries and ex-pats who want to deal with a UK based company.

Many clients have more than one home, one here and one abroad. As such LHD Car Supermarket specialise in the high value end of the market, this also ensures they'll be around to offer these services for many years to come.

Read more about our clients below.

Peace of Mind

LHD Car Supermarket are very much a service led company, handling everything from Europe-wide delivery to paperwork. Coupled with a high level of service, clients also receive the peace of mind of a highly secure transaction. They know they will be looked after.

In short, LHD Car Supermarket will help you find, arrange and deliver your ideal left hand drive car. A quality service, a quality vehicle, at a competitive price.

Our Clients in Europe

Customers on the Move

If you're relocating to the continent, we can help with your move.You can drive to your new address in your right hand drive car, which we will part exchange for your carefully selected left hand drive vehicle.

Your new car will be compliant with all local regulations allowing you to complete the registration process (if required).

Our service takes away the hassle and language barriers of buying a new left hand drive car when you arrive. If you would like further advice on our relocation service and specific local registration requirements, we are here to help.

British Expats

If you are already resident in Europe and want to extend your vehicle search beyond that available in your local area, you can search our web site ,or ask us to search our pan European network to find the vehicle of your choice.

We can deliver your new car to your door, and deal with all local registration requirements and even part exchange your current car.

Your purchase will be covered by all UK distant selling regulations, and you can utilise our secure escrow account payment facility, and also feel assured that your car will have been physically inspected by our staff prior to purchase and delivery.

European Nationals

Our service is not just limited to UK customers. We continue to serve customers from across Europe by offering the same search, select, inspect, and delivery service of your chosen car to your address.

Many of our European customers also live in the UK allowing us to deliver a left hand drive vehicle with full UK registration to their door.

Corporate Customers

Many UK companies have offices and staff who need to travel to Europe periodically or relocate for a period of time.

We supply these customer with left hand drive cars, either with European or UK registration delivered to an office, or home address of their choice.

Finance and Insurance

We have a consumer credit license and can offer specialist finance on selected vehicles (subject to personal circumstances) and advice on how best to insure your new car.

lhd clients in europe

Our Clients Worldwide

Our Worldwide Customers include:

  • Corporations
  • Governments
  • Non Governmental Organisations (NGO)
  • Private Clients

Worldwide clients can utilise our web site, or ask us to search our Pan European network to find the vehicle or vehicles of their choice.

The wide range of customer demands for vehicles delivered across the globe is met by our Pan European network, which include vehicles as diverse as a jungle-ready Land Rover Defender, to a Porsche 911.

Vehicle adaptation can be commissioned and carried our by our UK engineers to suit local needs prior to export. This ensures quality, and that the vehicle arrives without the need for further local workshop time.

Worldwide customers can expect the same service and protection as our UK and European customers.

All vehicles are inspected prior to purchase and exported from the UK to our client's selected shipper. we are ready to advise on vehicle availability, adaptions and logistics solutions.