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Magazine covers from the 50s

The Future is Now

In the 1950s people loved to speculate on what cars might look like in the 21st century. Now in the futuristic year of 2013, we look back at some of the wackiest future predictions... and some others that were amazingly accurate!

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Germanys new car-to-x communication system

Chatty Cars

Ever wanted your own KITT from hit 80s show Knight Rider? Well, soon you might get your chance as Germany's new car-to-x communication system makes the talking car a reality.

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Mitchell and King Elite Wax

Take Good Care of Your Baby

If you drive a luxury car as part of your business life, it's vital that it looks pristine and reflects your own professionalism. For many drivers, taking care of the car's maintenance and appearance becomes more than just a chore - it's a passion.

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