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German Guidelines

Cultural Faux Pas Germany

When talking about cultural faux pas in Germany, John F. Kennedy's 'Ich bin ein Berliner' always springs to mind, but the ridicule directed towards the late US president was, it turns out, a little unfair.

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Mitchell and King Elite Wax

Take Good Care of Your Baby

If you drive a luxury car as part of your business life, it's vital that it looks pristine and reflects your own professionalism. For many drivers, taking care of the car's maintenance and appearance becomes more than just a chore - it's a passion.

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Marekt town in Sweden

Moving to Sweden

Our 'Moving To' series has a Scandanavian flavour this time around, a Swedish one to be precise. Switched on, environmental and cultured it really is a land of opportunity. Sweden was also host of the most recent Eurovision Song Contest.

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