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Tips for moving to Germany

Moving to Germany

Germany is a dynamic, vibrant country steeped in tradition and culture. Home of world-renowned figures such as Beethoven, Mozart and Goethe, its rich artistic and literary heritage far outshines its difficult and turbulent history.

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Pretty French town

Moving to France

France is an iconic European country famous for its wine, food and romance. Whether you’re looking for a busy cosmopolitan metropolis like Paris, or a quiet rural village such as Collonges la Rouge, Turenne or Segur le Chateau, France has a lot to offer.

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Skoda Octavia 2013

Skoda Octavia Revealed

Since its amalgamation into the VW Group, Skoda have undergone a transformation from what was at one time regarded as something of a joke of a manufacturer to a producer of high quality cars that still provide a value for money proposition.

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