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Driving in Germany

Driving Abroad

There's nothing quite like the freedom of having your own transport. According to a recent survey, though, more than half of UK car owners find driving in another country stressful..

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Breakdown in the snow

Cold Weather Warning How to Stay Safe on the Roads this Winter

Winter sees more breakdowns and road accidents than any other season, and the AA reports that their rescues and call-outs almost double during the coldest months. Driving in extremely cold weather can be uncomfortable, hazardous and even life-threatening. Make sure you're prepared for all weathers if you take your car out in the chilly months.

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Car Key Fob

18 Top Car Hacks

Car technology is progressing in leaps and bounds these days, and your average modern car is crammed with gadgets for every possible purpose. But if you own an older car, or aren't great with technology, these low-tech car hacks could help you out.

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Austria Roadtrip Map

Top Car Choices for Road Trips on the Continent

It’s no secret that using a left hand drive car on roads where you have to drive on the right is safer and easier than doing so in a British motor. Many routes on the Continent have challenging driving conditions, which make foreign roads feel even more foreign if you don’t have the right type of car.

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Paris Postcard

Cultural Faux Pas France

'Faux pas' is a French term, literally meaning 'false step', and it has been said that the French 'are the masters of what not to do'. Here are some tips to make sure you don't slip up next time you're visiting this romantic country.

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