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Driving Your Left Hand Drive Car in the UK

Can you drive your LHD car in the UK? It’s perfectly legal, but it may seem daunting. Just follow these simple tips to feel safe and confident!

  • Overtaking

    Take extra care when overtaking especially on single carriageways, because oncoming traffic is not as visible as it would be in a right hand drive car. Stay safe getting back over to the your lane simply by allowing plenty of room between you and the car in front, making good use of mirrors.

  • Headlamps

    In order to drive your Left Hand Drive car safely in the UK, cars are required to have Headlamp Beam Adaptors fitted - fortunately this is simple and inexpensive. They redirect the dazzle generated by LHD car headlights away from oncoming traffic. Fitting these prevents on the spot fines and ensures your motor insurance is valid.

  • Drifting

    It is wise to practise driving on the left side on the road in your LHD car somewhere quiet. Keep an eye on your position in the road to avoid drifting over to the right hand side because you may feel strangely close to the curb. A little practise will help you be alert and avoid risky situations.

  • Speed

    Left hand drive car speedometers measure speed in kilometres per hour - so to help you stick to the UK speed limits, it’s worth keeping in mind what the kilometre/hour equivalent of the relevant speed limit is.

    • 30 mph = 48 kph
    • 40 mph = 64 kph
    • 50 mph = 80 kph
    • 60 mph = 96 kph
    • 70 mph = 112 kph
  • Drive-throughs

    Last but not least – you may want to have someone in the passenger seat to help you out at drive-through takeaways or parking ticket machines!


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